Don't Let Your iPhone Work for the Bad Guys

9/13/2015 -- Admin

Even the vigilance from Apple at protecting their customers from spyware applications, a new exploit allows software on your iPhone to take your data.

One of the big reasons to consider an iPhone is Apples’ fine reputation at preventing marketplace high jinks. With an Apple product there are far fewer applications built mainly to spy on you and your data in comparison to the freer Android marketplace. But they are not infallible and below is a link to one of the more concerning breaches of the iPhone I have heard come out in the media.

Ins0mnia: Unlimited Background Time and Covert Execution on Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

Vigilance is a great tool a non-technical person can use to avoid issues like these. As I recall with iPhone's they do request permissions when they are being installed so when downloading a new games or productivity app to your work phone remember to always ask yourself why it needs its various permissions? If you cannot find a good answer then skip it and try one of its competitors. This is true regardless of your mobile platform.

A disclaimer, I use an Android phone.