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Our team members are carefully-selected because of their skills and overall passion to help small businesses succeed.

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About Us

By Hiring Deep Fork, You Get Your Own Transparent and Communication-Oriented Team.

Deep Fork Technology opened its doors in 2013 to support business owners wanting to navigate through the technology realm. While most vendors only see you as dollar signs, we have a different approach to collaboration: We want to join your team. Your project, your idea, and your need for improvement is what drives us to play a guiding role in your success story.

Throughout the 9+ years of building things, we have helped countless small & medium sized businesses overcome different growing pains that hold them back from their goals. If you are looking to solve your growing pains and start your software journey, there's no better place than Deep Fork Technology.

Why Choose DFT?

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Custom Solutions

We craft unique experiences grounded in reliable technology. If you're wanting specific software solutions for your business, we're the right shop for you.

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Collaborative Approach

We are both experts in our fields, you in your business and us in technology. Two heads are better than one when facing your problems head on.

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We keep it simple

Other dev shops will try to wow you with their complex tech talk, but we speak YOUR language; keeping things transparent and simple.

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Future Focus

We are in the business of fostering long-lasting relationships where we can meet your goals in the most efficient way possible.

It's important for us to help business owners and entrepreneurs with the "next steps" in their tech journey. That's why we partner with & create many local tech events and organizations.

Startup OKC
Startup Grind - a global startup community
OKC Tech ++
Techlahoma - a network of tech professionals based in Oklahoma
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Stop waiting, and make 2022 a year of growth for your business.

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Kris Dillon


Coming from a background of holding a CEO position for multiple corporate-sized companies, over time I felt that something just wasn't right. There was so much 'fluff' stuffed into projects that it was hard for small businesses to purchase custom software. That's why I started Deep Fork.

Favorite Food?

Pad Thai


I enjoy working on large-scale projects like renovating houses into airbnb's, and small-scale projects like building 3d printed contraptions.

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Marissa Stinson

Operations Lead / Project Manager

I oversee all company operations, and make sure the end goal of every project stays clear of challenges and issues. I take pride in keeping all the details in order for a project from start to finish, and making sure the team operates smoothly along the way.

Favorite Food?

Mexican, but authentic!


I Love DIY projects, especially using my home as a canvas. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs, and binge watching Netflix.

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Brent Beachler

Technical Lead / Product Owner

Most of my responsibilities revolve around bridging the translation gap between developers and clients. Developers tend to speak their own language. My years as a developer and time in HR, sales, and customer service roles give me the ability to help pave the road for smooth, efficient progress through projects.

Favorite Movie?

Terminator 2. Which is basically the pinnacle of sci-fi action, at least in my mind.


I spend time every day playing with my dogs. I also play several instruments, write, and record music for fun.

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Dean Brown

Software Developer

I absolutely love what I do at Deep Fork, both with software and the hardware. I'm never in a situation where I do not have something going on. With my background of many languages and frameworks, I'm able to solve any software need a client comes in with.

Favorite food item?

Tacos, I LOVE tacos!


I am an avid runner, countless 5 & 10k's and a few half marathons, with a full marathon in my sights! I also enjoy biking, reading, and playing mmorpg PC games.

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Ryan Neal

Creative Lead

I help clients translate their thoughts into visual solutions. What I enjoy most about doing so, is getting to solve unique challenges using my creativity—which will ultimately help small-businesses surpass their goals.

Favorite Tv Show?

Lost. Hands down.


I enjoy drawing (with charcoal!), listening to progressive rock music, video games, and watching films that make me think.

Company Culture

Here are the things we value

Diversity & Inclusion

It's important for us to create software for clients based purely on business and not on race, religion, sexuality, gender etc. Our workplace, and your business's success should have equal opportunity and be free of judgment.

Win Together

When our clients win, we win. Everything we do at Deep Fork is in the clients best interest because we want you to succeed. Together, we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

Open & Honest

We share information, insights, and advice frequently and constructively. We manage all situations with courage and candor. We say what we think, when it's in the best interest of Deep Fork or the client, even if it's uncomfortable.

Embrace The Adventure

Life is too short to blink past the process. We are curious, ask questions, and have fun during the journey. We focus on building business relationships with the power of software, that last a lifetime.


Everyone makes mistakes, but admitting to them and striving to do better is what keeps us going as a development shop. When our mistakes cost clients money and time, we do our best to nurture the relationship and find a way forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We offer custom software services to businesses of all sizes. However our main focus is on small-businesses who have been experiencing growing pains. When small businesses grow rapidly and can't keep up, software is a great place to start. So we deliver!

Do you offer business consulting as well?

It's not listed on our website, but yes we do offer business consulting services. If you are having trouble with building your business, give us a call!

Call us at (405) 421-0644.

How do you handle long-distance client communication?

Client communication is very important to us, so having the right tools is a must. We use platforms like Basecamp (for quick messaging and tracking to-dos), Google Meet (for client calls and meetings), and Figma (for transparency during the wireframing process).

When did Deep Fork Technology become a business?

We started offering custom software to small-businesses in 2013. Since then we have been consistantly growing our raving fan base of successful tech-ers.

How many developers do you have on your team?

We currently have 4 mid-senior level developers on our team. Each one specializes in a certain tech stack with intermediate-advanced knowledge of others. This creates an efficient way to learn, and build client products no matter their specifications.

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