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We often plan for disaster striking our homes, but do you have a plan for a tech disaster striking your business?

For an astonishing majority of small businesses, an IT disaster will mean the loss of almost all data, and perhaps even the business itself. Even with a strategy in place to get your systems back up and running, the plan needs to be tested to ensure minimal interruption to your business. 

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery service, we can test your current systems to determine the reliability and trustworthiness of your disaster recovery plan. We provide a Test Bed – a temporary version of your computer or server accessible online. After we set up the Test Bed as if it were an entirely new system, you or your IT provider can install your software, restore your backup, and see how prepared you are.

Disaster Recovery is as important to the future of your business as liability, property, or even casualty insurance. Let us give you the peace of mind to know your business can weather the storm. One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions.

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