Our Case Studies

*Please note that some of our case study projects have been tweaked in order to maintain client anonymity.

A desktop preview of document management software

Document Management and Reporting App Helps Local Law Firm Go Paperless.

Client sough out Deep Fork's help to build an app that allows easy access to client and employee documents, and offers digital workflows that were once done on paper. This app helped our client save costs in both materials and time.

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A desktop and mobile view of a corrosion time-tracking app

Time-Tracking Web & Mobile App Helps Connect Rural Corrosion Workers With their Home Office.

Client came to Deep Fork seeking a custom app to track and manage employee hours and job data whether the employees were located in a rural area without service, or at the home office. Our solution provided everything they needed, with a framework that could be easily scaled for growth.

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A desktop and mobile view of an all-in-one corrosion app

All-In-One App helps Corrosion Company Tame Their Scattered Employee Workflow.

Client came to Deep Fork in search of a custom solution that would help them transition away from old spreadsheets and Microsoft Access. Our solution provided an all-in-one app that creates easy ways to generate job quotes, manage employees, track hours, and more.

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A desktop and mobile view of Juniper Technology's website

Website Re-Design for an Open-Source Garden Management Software in OKC.

Daniel came to Deep Fork in need of a new responsive website design. We worked as a team to understand his needs and goals, and created a user-friendly design that helps educate and convert visitors into both free, and paid users of their open source garden management software.

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A desktop and mobile view of Frias website

Brand New Website for a Trustworthy Heating and Air Company.

Jeremy (Owner of Frias) approached us about building a new website for his heating and air company. His goal was to generate online traffic in addition to his Facebook page. The website we built gives Frias a refreshing look that's meant to target those summer-heat refugees.

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A desktop and mobile view of Succession's website

A Wordpress Website Built to Promote an Upcoming Crypto Wallet.

Succession needed a clean and high-end looking website to promote their new crypto application that's currently in development by Deep Fork. We chose to build the site in Wordpress because they needed quick and easy access to add blog posts.

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A desktop and mobile view of On the Vine's website

New Shaved Ice Website Dives Deeper Than Just Listing Flavor Names.

On The Vine, a new shaved ice stand in Choctaw Oklahoma, came to Deep Fork in search of a new website. We capitalized on this opportunity and created an awesome way for visitors to view their 60+ flavors. We created custom mockups of each individual flavor with an added description. This allows customers to pick flavors based on more than just a name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to figure out how much my custom software will cost beforehand?

Not exactly. Since software cost is determined by dozens of variables, it can be difficult for even an experienced developer to estimate a project cost accurately without learning more about your project and architecting it out. If you are wanting an extremely broad ballpark estimate, you can take a look at our case studies to see a breakdown of specific funtionality, and the price they were built at. Taking a look at these case studies can at least give you some insight on how much custom software can cost.

The best thing you could do to determine your project's cost is to contact us for a free consultation. That way we can get you on a path that will result in an accurate project cost.

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