All-in-One App Helps Corrosion Company Tame Their Scattered Workflow

An application that includes quoting, time tracking, payroll, analytics and more.

corrosion workers with quoting interface

Client's Problem

Client (who preferred to stay anonymous) came to Deep Fork because their current process of quoting and managing jobs was becoming cumbersome due to rapid business growth. The client's process to create survey and construction quotes for different pipelines was to use Microsoft Access; software that is fine for simple tasks, but became messy and confusing as their company grew.

The Client needed a robust quoting system that also had access to billing, payroll, crews, and timecards.

Our Solution

In the first phase of their project, we created an admin portal and time tracking mobile app. Now that their admin portal had a solid foundation, we were able to build the systems needed for phase 2.

Here, our development team worked with the client to build a survey and construction quoting system that simplified their original Microsoft Access process to ensure the learning curve wasn't going to slow down their workflow. We also built in features like payroll and analytics to create a more streamlined all-in-one application.

Project Info

Services used: UI/UX Design, React Development, React Native Development

Project Budget: $150,000-$200,000

quote database screen

* User interfaces shown only represent the functionality provided to client. Design was recreated in-house to preserve client anonymity.

Job Quotes

The first step of this phase was creating a quoting database where users could create and find drafts, submitted quotes, awarded quotes, and a full quote history. This allowed for a streamlined process where quotes would start as a draft, then move through the categorized tabs as employees completed the necessary tasks.

We also added list filters and a fuzzy search; making finding quotes as easy as possible for users.

new quote info screen

Starting a Quote

In order for our client to create a quote, they must go through a step-by-step process in order to submit the quote to their client. The first step of creating a quote is filling out the necessary info needed to define the customer in the system. This is used to easily find the quote later.

Users can quickly save the draft at any point, sending it to the list of drafts that need to be submitted.

Building a Job

Before, our client used excel to list out all survey and construction segments that needed to be completed for a job. This was translated to a similar process, while creating a way for materials to be specifically added to individual segments, instead of an entire job like they had before.

Segments and products are either created here by typing in a custom phrase, or chosen through a dropdown that lists all previously created items. We made these items editable in the Rates Sheet portion of the app.

creating a survey job screen
job kickoff screen

Adding a Crew

The last step of the quoting process is to build a crew using existing employees. Here, we can add employees to a specific job. Once the quote gets awarded and the actual job starts, these employees will be scheduled and the job will be listed as a clock-in option on their time tracking mobile app we built earlier on.

The great thing about this crew editor, is that employees can be taken off, or new ones added no matter what phase the quote is in. Say a corrosion technician gets sick on a job. A user at the home office can find the quote and replace the them for the time being.

analytics dashboard screen

Analytics Dashboard

For the dashboard, our developers suggested an easy way to view data and statistics using a masonry grid of data streams. This creates a quick and easy way to see how the company is performing.

accounting screen


Our team separated the accounting feature into two sections, so admins can view client and company payments on one screen, and job billables on the second.

payroll screen

Company Payroll

Finally, we created a payroll feature that allows for our client to view all paid employees. The list is filtered by name, title, wage, when they were last paid, and their current payment status. This allows admins to quickly view the necessary info needed in any payroll scenario, while clicking on an individual employee brings up more options for correcting an issue.

What's Next?

A corrosion company that was once held-back by a messy Microsoft Access and Excel workflow was finally able to simplify and consolidate their process into a single app. This allowed for faster company growth due to a fully custom solution.

pipeline in wooded area

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