Time-Tracking Web & Mobile App for Corrosion Company

An app that helps connect rural corrosion workers with their home office.

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Client's Problem

Client (who preferred to stay anonymous) came to Deep Fork because their current system used to track job data and employee hours lacked important features needed for growth. The corrosion company was having trouble using Tsheets to manage timecards across multiple corrosion sites; some of them being in remote locations without access to an internet connection.

This issue grew even bigger when they wanted to be able to track job specifics like units, miles, and tools. But due to software limitations and the fact that Tsheets isn't custom built for the corrosion industry, those options weren't available.

Our Solution

Our development team worked with the client to create an admin portal and an easy-to-use mobile time tracking app that's able to record job and employee data with AND without an internet connection. With this custom solution, they were able to track any data they needed and tie that info to individual jobs.

We also made sure the admin portal had a solid foundation where future features like payroll and job quoting could be integrated easily.

Project Info

Services used: UI/UX Design, React Development, React Native Development

Project Budget: $80,000-$100,000

employee management software ui

* User interfaces shown only represent the functionality provided to client. Design was recreated in-house to preserve client anonymity.

Employee Database

First, we created an employee database so that timecards could be connected to each worker. Here, admins are able to easily search and view individual employee info including job title, pay, and hire date. Admins are also able to create new employees and set up their mobile timecard app login info.

Eventually this employee database will play a bigger role, as employees will be used in the quoting and payroll system in phase 2 of development for our corrosion client.

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Timeclock Software

Next, our development team created a timeclock system that connects between the admin portal and the employee timecard app. The custom-built system separates the timecards into 'unapproved' and 'history' groups so admins can easily see what issues they need to deal with.

Exceptions show up as 'unapproved' for any human or system errors that may occur on a daily basis. While the history tab shows all the successful timecards filterable by date, name, and exception type.

timecard editing software ui

Editable Timecards

Our custom solution allowed our client to view individual timecards that include date and time ranges, and the job the employee was clocked in for. This allows for a flexible system where admins are able to edit and fix any minor errors that are commonly found in newly built applications. Once the software bugs are eliminated, the platform will be a beast in keeping up with employee hours.

corrosion mobile app screens

The Corrosion Mobile App

The timeclock system was not fully functioning until the mobile app was built and deployed to the Apple App Store and Google Play. All employees were then able to download the system on their mobile devices and clock-in from any location, including rural areas with no service.

Once clocked-in, employees can record any info the home office needs to effectively conduct their corrosion services.

What's Next?

A corrosion company that was once held-back by a off-the-shelf software solution was finally able to boost their company growth due to a fully custom solution.

In phase 2 of their project, our development team will be integrating payroll, accounting, quoting, and other systems that will get them closer to an all-in-one application.

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