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Use Cases

Is your business having growing pains?
This is how Software can help:

Why choose Deep Fork for your software project?

We believe in working as one cohesive team with our clients. The traditional vendor-client relationship is too transactional to fully capture your vision. As one team, we can work together to help bring your software to life with some enhancements along the way.

Our services are built to help small to medium-sized businesses overcome technological obstacles and continue to grow. From startups to long-established companies, we have the tools to guide you to success.

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Industries we serve

We've helped businesses reach their goals in several different industries.

Oil & Gas

With oil and gas companies needing to maintain complex machinery and safety standards, there's a reason why they are looking to simplify other processes. We've helped many oil and gas companies build software that's scalable into the future including personnel tracking, timecard, and bidding and quoting software.

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Custom software created for the healthcare industry is nothing new. When healthcare professionals are spending less time on paperwork and more time helping patients, it creates a better system overall. We have helped many healthcare businesses build online payment portals, scheduling and patient management software, and more.

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Financial Tech

Without software, the financial industry just wouldn't make cents. Ha, see what we did there. Deep Fork Technology has worked with many finance businesses to help build them custom data management, and accounting software integrations.

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A somewhat new industry that has dove into the world of tech is Agriculture. We provide many custom software options including logistics, and forcasting software.

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As online learning becomes more widely accepted, the need for new innovative ways to learn and manage students through the web increases. A learning management system, an E-learning platform, or an online testing portal, are just a few ways custom software can help the education industry.

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There are so many pre-built platforms for online stores these days that it's actually hard to choose from. But when it comes to finding a platform that offers complex functionality, well that's a different story. We offer custom software options like an intelligent AI Chatbot to increase conversions, an inventory management system, and more.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Process

Here's how we build Custom Software:

We follow a five-step process based in collaboration and efficient communication that leads to a well thought-out product that meets your needs and expectations:

Dive deeper into our process

Step 1

Free Consultation

No software development project can begin without first learning about you and your project. In the consultation, we'll work together to outline your project and define your goals. With this information, we can put together a prototype and architect your project.

Step 2

Digital Prototype

A prototype is created by our UI/UX Designer to show a visual representation of your finished product. This includes a sitemap and a click-through of the user flow in order to get a feel for how it will be used. A process of revisions and approval is important in this stage.

Step 3


During the architecture phase, our development team will dissect the functionality of your product and create a detailed overview of each piece as it will need to be built. A document is then provided with the required tasks, as well as an estimated timeline and cost.

Step 4

Building & Sprints

Once we start building your project, we'll meet with you at the end of each Sprint, or chunk of work, to review. This will be every two weeks on average. If there are any adjustments, redirections, ideas, enhancements, changes, etc., we'll want to align as soon as possible.

Step 5

Project Review

Once your project is ready, we'll release it to your users and/or company. Whether it's a minimum viable product or a production-ready application, we'll discuss options for deployment, long-term hosting, and maintenance to further enhance your software.

Make 2022 a year of growth for your business with Custom Software

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Tech Stacks

Our Software Development Capabilities

Our development team is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and practices. We have built multiple projects as mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, enterprise platforms, and more. Most of our greenfield projects are built using some combination of React, React Native, C#, and Firebase; four heavily supported technologies.

While we can work in any tech stack, we've found that we can be the most efficient with these:










SQL Server





Cloud Platforms:


Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure





React Native








Why we solve problems.

We've been where you are. Being a development shop for nearly a decade, and working through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had many challenges and setbacks to overcome. Doing so, has ultimately helped us understand our clients better.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses overcome their challenges, and so far there hasn't been anything we couldn't solve with custom software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Custom Software cost?

Estimated costs for Custom Software Development will most likely range between $25,000 and $250,000 depending on your project. We know, that's a HUGE range. So how do we narrow it down? Well there are a four main factors to take in account when estimating the cost of your custom software product.

1. How complex is the software you need? - The more functionality and different screens your software needs, the more expensive it's going to be.

2. How skilled is your dev team? - You might see less experienced developers as a way to get software for cheap. As this may work at first; in the long-run it will end up costing you more in frustration and major repair costs due to lack of knowledge and sloppy code. Choosing the right reputable development business will save you time and money in the long-run.

3. Is it from scratch, or are you wanting to upgrade from an old version? - Usually when developers get tasked with building on top of an already built system, they need to familiarize themselves with the old code first. This slows down the process and may cause issues later on if it's not perfectly built. If it's from scratch it will still take a while to build, but it will be significantly easier to make sure the foundation is solid and familiar for future updates.

4. Finally, does your software need to be integrated into other systems? - When trying to connect your software to other external systems, many unknown variables arise. This may lead to many more bugs. Which, you guessed it, leads to higher costs.

The BEST way to get an accurate estimate of your software project is to talk with your development team, or schedule a free consultation with us.

Schedule a free consultation

Is Custom Software an expensive investment?

Since Custom Software costs range from $25,000 and $250,000 on the low-end, then yes, it's an expensive investment.

However, it depends on what your overall goals are. If your goal is to build software to then turn around and sell, then yes it would be considered an expensive investment due to lack of knowledge on whether or not the market will want to purchase it. But if the intention of your software is to improve and automate your business processes with it, then the investment is clearly worth it.

How long does it take to build Custom Software?

There are dozens of variables that impact this answer, the most important of which is the size and scope of your project. The initial consulation will allow us to ballpark a timeline for your project. The Discovery phase will result in a realistic estimate of both time and money. From there, we'll be able to get you on the schedule to start building at your preferred budget and pace.

Click here for more info about our software process.

Do I own the software that was built for me?

At Deep Fork, you pay for both the work we do as well as the IP of your project. Whether it's a brand new idea or redesigning an existing solution in a custom way, you'll own what you've purchased.

What does Custom Software do?

Simply put, Custom Software is built in order to solve a problem for a business or individual. Since these solutions cover a wide variety of business issues, it's difficult to list everything it can do. And quite frankly, due to the flexibility and creativeness of developers and software itself, there's not much custom software CAN'T do with the right amount of expertise.

Can Custom Software help my business?

Absolutely. Custom software can help solve business issues in many ways. Think of any problem a business could possibly have, and there would be a solution using custom software. But since each problem is unique to your business practices, the best way to find out which solution is right for you is to team up with a business consultant or software development team.

What tech stacks do you work in?

We specialize in a wide range of tech stacks so we can configure your software specifically for your business. The main tech stacks we work in are: React, React Native, .Net, C#, SQL Server, Amazon Web Services, and Javascript.

My software runs on an old operation system; can you migrate it?

Generally, yes. We'll need to take a look at your existing system and software to make a determination. In most cases, modern security protocols will impede migrations of older systems. In that case, we'll provide all available options to make sure you stay up and running.

What are the advantages of Custom Software over Prebuilt Software?

While prebuilt software is cheaper and already fleshed out, Custom Software is able to target specific areas of your business. This customizes the experience for your team so there is more time spent perfecting the systems you need, and less on the systems you don't. Custom software is also a great option for foundation building. It's much easier to add more features to your own software, than it is to recommend additions to another company. If they never intended to implement the feature you need, they probably never will.

Can your developers fix my existing software?

Yes! We've worked with many clients who have brought out-dated platforms that need a tune-up as well as unusable systems that need to be overhauled and updated to meet more modern specifications.

Do you provide support and maintenance?

Yes! We provide support and maintenance for every project we build. Once your software is nearing completion, we will discuss pricing for continued maintenance since bugs and updates are almost always guarenteed in a software project. No matter who built it.

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