Custom software catered to Small Businesses

Need to replace your Small Business Software?

Many businesses find themselves stuck trying to fit their processes into their software, rather than software enhancing their day to day.

Stop repeating the same cycle! Your software can automate the mundane details like invoices, purchase orders, and government paperwork. Custom software should fit your business like a glove and empower you to grow instead of restricting your flexibility.

We can build Small Business software exactly to your specifications, no matter how unique or specific your business runs. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver on that promise, give us a call and explain what your ideal business software would look like, and if we don’t think we can create that efficiently we will help you research other options.

At Deep Fork Technology, we want to understand what makes your small business tick. Every organization has different challenges and opportunities, and our software development service is ready to take you to the next level.

why we fit

Custom software can be a challenge for a small business to afford. It’s expensive to create, and easy to go over budget. Deep Fork is uniquely positioned to keep software development lean and transparent so that small businesses can afford custom software. We can do that with our no-contract pricing model, so that you are not on the hook for any software you don’t need.

No Contract Software Development
Build your app contract-free for a price you agree to. See how we do it
Performance Based Pricing
As a new business owner, you deserve to pay for exactly what you need at a fair price. Many developers will try to lock you into a big contract without any guarantee that your product will be viable on the market once it's built. Deep Fork Technology will never force you to sign a contract to get your app built. Our industry-first pricing model follows a few simple steps.
Development Check-Ins
Our Performance-Based Pricing model takes your business plan, go-to market strategy, and fundraising into consideration when building your mobile app. We include quality checks every two weeks, and if you are not satisfied with your product you can walk away at any time without being on the hook for the entire project’s development fees. To make sure you’re ready to submit your business plan, continue on to see our quality assurance process.
Business Partnership
To ensure the quality of our products, we have a careful vetting process for the businesses that we work with. We don't rely on contracts to keep customers, we do fantastic work for a reasonable price instead. We challenge you to find another software development company that will make a similar offer. Not many start out in first place, so we have a backup plan for jump starting any new software business.
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tailor made custom software

Whether you need to modernize an existing system, or create something entirely new, our team of expert project managers and developers will develop tailor-made software that perfectly suits your needs.

You know your growing business better than anyone. Let us help you achieve your goals with software that’s tailored to you and your long-term objectives. We’ll collaborate with you to hammer out the details and solve your trickiest problems with solutions-based strategies and innovative design.

For more information on how custom software development can help grow your business, contact  Deep Fork today for a free consultation.

Industries We Serve

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses from various industries, and we continue to work with innovative companies dreaming up new solutions. We’ll always hear out your vision, and a few industries we serve regularly include:

Oil and Natural gas



Health Care

Supply Chain






Build your product on Android or iOS using all of the latest and best practices.



Build your eCommerce platform, Learning Management System, or SaaS product

custom software

Desktop Application Development

Create your Windows, Linux, or Apple business software to scale your business without breaking the bank.

legacy preservation

legacy software development

Is one critical server keeping you up at night? Keep old systems running like the day they were installed.


Marketing Websites

Looking to grow your business online? Our web development team will help you use platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and custom HTML.


Artificial Intelligence

Put machine learning to work for your business with custom AI software solutions.



Let us know if you have a budget in mind and we can cater our recommendations to your goals

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