Document Management and Reporting App Helps Local Legal Firm Go Paperless

An application that makes organization and client connection easier.

law firm employee helping client sign document

Client's Problem

Client (who preferred to stay anonymous) came to Deep Fork because their current processes were becoming hard to manage at the rate they were growing. Keeping up with documents, signed client consent forms, activity reports, and other paperwork is imaginably difficult to maintain longterm as a company.

Our client needed an online platform where they could store and organize documents, while also including core employee workflows like e-signatures and activity reports that could be completed with ease.

Our Solution

Our development team worked with the client to create a desktop application with admin and employee roles, as well as organization levels in order to categorize specific workers. The app included all main workflows needed to create a fully paperless process between the company and their clients. As well as a scaleable foundation for new features in the future.

Project Info

Services used: UI/UX Design, React Development, C# Development

Project Budget: $50,000-$80,000

law firm software dashboard

* User interfaces shown only represent the functionality provided to client. Design was recreated in-house to preserve client anonymity.

App Dashboard

Our development team created the dashboard with one thing in mind, user-experience. Through the dashboard, admins and employees are able to efficiently view specific data and complete urgent tasks. This screen adds an overview of each individual workflow to make things more efficient for the company as a whole.

electronic signature screen

Client Consent Forms

Client needed a way for clients to fill out consent forms both in person or online. The E-signatures screen allows for consent forms to be organized, created, and signed. Our develors integrated a reputable document signing system into the app in order to securely gather user info online, and in person.

Admins are able to easily view all consent forms sent out, the employees who sent them, and what organization they are tied too.

document storage screen

Document Storage

Next, our development team created a simple document database that's filterable by client name, navigator name, and date uploaded. A fuzzy search was also implemented so document results will populate as a user types. This creates an easy way to upload and find records, especially for those who are used to sifting through filing cabinets full of paper documents.

Weekly Employee Forms

employee forms screen

Every week, a form needs to be submitted by navigators that details specific topics introduced and explained to clients. We built a way for drafts to be saved, and the software auto submits the forms every week on the due date.

form data screen

On the admin side of things, our developers were able to translate navigator and organization form data into a data field that resembles excel. This data can be filtered by date, in case admins need to view forms from the past.

Event Reports

event reports screen

Another task included in their employee workflow is recording events. This is a simple form to add an event into a database that can be accessed by admins.

generate report popup

Once the event reports are added, they are seen in the admin reports screen. Here, admins are able to choose a date range, and generate a report with all of the events.

employee management screen

User Management

What's a workflow application without an employee management screen? Our development team made it easy for admins to view and add employees and organizations in the system. A fuzzy search was also implemented for finding specific users quickly.

What's Next?

A Legal Firm that was once held-back by a paper and filing cabinet process was finally able to store those documents electronically to prepare for future company growth with online workflows.

For their future, our development team will be providing maintenance to keep their system up-to-date.

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