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Did COVID bring uncertainty to your production schedule? We can help. We’ll approach your processes with a focus on bringing the latest technology to the fore, guided by good old fashioned common sense.

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Lean Business Solutions

Deep Fork Technology is a proud partner of Industrial Solutions, Oklahoma’s leading Lean Manufacturing Consulting firm. For over 20 years they have been helping companies chart out their processes and organize their facilities. They have countless testimonials of helping facilities cut lead times in half (or even more) and increase the amount of available floor space by over 75%. Together we discover hidden waste that you can eliminate to only pay for what you need, and stop paying for wasted time and materials.

Yield Optimization

Lean Technology

One area many manufacturers skip over is their technology. Our Lean Technology program works hand-in-hand with Industrial Solutions to evaluate your software processes in tandem with your current processes. Are you paying for expensive ERP software when a simple one-time purchase could solve that problem AND make your facility more efficient? We will help you determine if you are forcing your processes to fit your software rather than using technology to speed up your processes.

Ways We Can Help:

ERP Solutions

Project Management Software

Custom Software Integrations

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)


Manufacturing AI

Your Facility is Ready for AI...

Today over 69% of german manufacturers use Artificial Intelligence in their facilities. The US is trailing behind with just under 30% of manufacturing implementing AI, many of them large corporations. A new wave is coming to manufacturing that will minimize risk and set unprecedented efficiencies. Why now? Artificial intelligence has made leaps and bounds in just the past few years, and today is affordable enough that even a manufacturing company with less than 100 employees can reasonably afford to start using the technology. 

AI Services:


Inventory Optimization

Identify changes in customer buying patterns in real-time. Minimize wasted inventory and identify opportunities to prioritize higher margin products.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Heavy machinery can cost you thousands from unexpected downtime. Minimize that risk by spotting trouble before it hits your bottom line.

Yield Optimization

Yield Optimization

Identify failures in the production process and increase the quality of each component.

scheduling time

Dynamic Scheduling

Respond to changes in demand and unexpected problems with a scheduling system that calculates your ROI on every production run.

Your Facility Benefits

This package is all about finding ways to cut costs at your facility without losing any employees. Reduce overtime, free up floor space, cut down on extra inventory, and stop paying for software you don’t need. You can protect your employees and add to your bottom line. Schedule your evaluation to learn how.

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