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Application Development Use Cases

Reasons to build applications in 2022.

In today's market, mobile and web applications are the key to success. Having an easily accessible platform to connect employees, manage processes, and generate sales on any device no matter where you're at, means business efficiency can be at an all-time high. Ready for your business to grow?

Why businesses turn to Deep Fork for software development:

Highlighted Software Projects

A desktop preview of document management software

Developers Help Local Law Firm Go Paperless With New App.

Client seeked out Deep Fork to build an app that allows easy access to client and employee documents, and offers digital workflows that were once done on paper. This app helped our client save costs in both materials and time.

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A desktop and mobile view of a corrosion time-tracking application

Time-Tracking App Helps Connect Rural Corrosion Workers With their Oklahoma City Home Office.

Client came to Deep Fork seeking a custom desktop and mobile app that could track and manage employee hours and job data whether their located in a rural area without service, or at the home office. Our application provided everything they needed, with a framework that could be easily built onto.

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A desktop and mobile view of an all-in-one corrosion app

All-In-One Application helps Corrosion Company Tame Their Scattered Workflow.

Client came to Deep Fork in search of a custom solution that would help them transition away from old spreadsheets and Microsoft Access. Our solution provided an app that creates easy ways to generate job quotes, manage employees, track hours, and more.

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Tech Stacks

Our Web Application Development Capabilities

We build our mobile applications using cross-platform technology. This means significantly less development time, cost, and consistency between iOS and Android. The platform we use connects to a centralized backend and database to ensure data integrity. It also allows for easy expansion to a web app, such as an admin portal, or connections to another app or platforms.

Custom Software Development Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Why choose Deep Fork as your application developer?

We believe in working as one cohesive team with our clients. The traditional vendor-client relationship is too transactional to fully capture your vision. As one team, we can work together to help bring your app to life through simple app development with some enhancements along the way.

Our application development services are built to help small to medium-sized businesses expand their services and solve unique problems. From startups to long-established companies, we have the development tools to guide you to success.

Clients and software developers in a meeting high-fiving

Our Affordable App Development Process

Here's how we build software:

We follow a five-step process based in collaboration and efficient communication that leads to a well thought-out product that meets your needs and expectations:

Dive deeper into our process

Step 1

Free App Consultation

No app development project can begin without first learning about you and your idea. In the consultation, we'll work together to outline your custom software development project and define your goals. With this information, we can put together a prototype and architect your project.

Step 2

Digital Prototype

A prototype is created by our UI/UX Designer to show a visual representation of your finished app. This includes a sitemap and a click-through of the user flow in order to get a feel for how your app will be used. A process of revisions and approval is important in this stage.

Step 3


During the architecture phase, your projects' developer will dissect the functionality of your app and create a detailed overview of your app in order to start the development process. A document is then provided with the required tasks, as well as an estimated timeline and cost from our developer.

Step 4

App Building & Sprints

Once we start building your application or MVP, your projects' app developer will meet with you at the end of each Sprint, or chunk of work, to review. This will be every two weeks on average. If there are any adjustments, redirections, ideas, enhancements, changes, etc., we'll want to align as soon as possible.

Step 5

App Project Review

Once your mobile app is ready, we'll get it published either on the web, or in the app store. Whether it's a minimum viable product or a production-ready application, we'll discuss options for deployment, long-term hosting, continued development, and developer maintenance to further enhance your mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can you build apps for?

We primarily use a framework called React Native that allows us to simultaneously build apps for all device platforms. This provides benefit of all users having the same version across all devices as well as cutting down on maintenance costs by only having to manage a single development web design platform.

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How do I get Apple to approve my app?

Apple has a lot of app restrictions that need to be followed while in development before they allow it to be released on the store. Fortunately, we're very familiar with deploying apps to the App Store and can ensure that your app meets all necessary specifications.

How long does it take to release app updates?

Apple has a lengthier approval process than Google, but both stores generally approve app updates within 48 to 72 hours. With our extensive testing, we do our best to avoid the need for hotfixes because of a broken release. This allows us to better plan for future development and app releases.

Click here for more info about our app development process.

How do you make an app secure?

Just like all of our web and desktop apps, mobile apps will use encryption to transmit sensitive data back and forth to the database. We also recommend regular development or maintenance on your app to keep it up-to-date with security best practices.

App development cost

There is a lot we'll need to figure out in the initial consultation and Discovery phase, but custom mobile apps typically ranges between $20,000 and $150,000 for most of our clients. Even if you have a small business custom development with complex features can increase the costs even more depending on how many screens and functionality you are needing to add to a development project.

Is an app startup a good idea?

That depends on the idea! In the free consulation, we'd be happy to provide ballpark ranges for development costs, timelines, feedback, market validation, investor tips, and whatever else our development team think of to help you get on your feet. But if you're asking whether or not apps are on the decline, they aren't.

How can a mobile app help my business?

Building business mobile apps can help in many ways. Since 83.7% of the world's population owns a smartphone, having your services and products accessible from the palm of your customers hands will help drive more sales, especially with great search engine optimization (SEO). An app is great for simplifying in-hous processes to make your business run more efficiently.

Difference between low-code, no-code, and fully coded app?

No-code solutions are only recommended as a proof of concept. They're a step above prototyping in terms of functionality, which results in an app with minimal functionality and no customization. The benefit is that they're generally less expesnive and faster to build.

Low-code provides a small upgrade to no-code solutions. We still recommend they only be used as a proof of concept, but you'll have some additional functionality with some minor customizations while usually only spending a little more in app development costs.

Fully coded apps are the full-fledged custom software solutions. This offers complete flexibility in both functionality and customization and, unlike no-code and low-code, can be upgraded, built upon, and maintained for years while also providing proper scalability as your business customers software continues to grow. If you don't need a simple proof of concept, we highly recommend the fully coded route.

What is a progressive web app?

A progressive web app, or PWA, is a fairly new way to ship content to users. Think of an app that lives inside a browser, but offers more functionality than a basic website. That's what a Progressive web app is. This kind of app also allows for push notifications on any device, content that is searchable on the web, and even allows for offline interactivity. The web app development costs are usually a bit more than a normal site, but less than a standalone mobile application that's hosted on a platform like the Apple App Store. It's time to get your own progressive web app.

Do you build software for businesses outside of Oklahoma City?

Absolutely! We are based in Oklahoma City, but we serve businesses all over the US. As long as we have a way to consult online, we'll be there!

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