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Need a digital prototype for your next software project? We create detailed flows designed specifically for your target users.

Do I need a prototype?

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Use Cases

When do you need a prototype?

Why choose Deep Fork for prototyping services?

Our prototypes are built by our dedicated UI/UX Design team created to help entrepreneurs and businesses reach their goals in a smarter way.

We believe in working as one cohesive team with our clients. The traditional vendor-client relationship is too transactional to fully capture your vision. As one team, we can work together to help bring your software to life with some enhancements along the way.

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Our Process

Here's how we build digital prototypes

We follow a three-step process based in collaboration and efficient communication that leads to a well-designed prototype that meets your needs and expectations:

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Step 1

Design Consultation

Just how all of our other services start—a consultation is held to understand your goals. This time our UI/UX Design team will be there to ask questions and learn about your vision.

Step 2

Site Map

In order to build an effective prototype, a site map must be made first. A site map documents every screen needed, and shows how all the screens connect to each other. This helps build a user flow.

Step 3

Prototype & Revisions

Finally, a prototype is made based on your idea and style preferences. Of course, since some design elements are subjective, regular updates and revisions are expected.


What Our Clients Say

Why we solve problems.

We've been where you are. Being a development shop for nearly a decade, and working through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had many challenges and setbacks to overcome. Doing so, has ultimately helped us understand our clients better.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses overcome their challenges, and so far there hasn't been anything we couldn't solve with app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prototype?

A digital prototype is a non-functional version of your finished software. A prototype is used to understand your idea more and can be used for AB testing, attracting investors, developing pitches and more. Prototypes are detailed with animations, colors, and hopefully the final content in place. We then use the prototype as a blueprint for software developers when you decide to start building your product.

What is the difference between a wireframe and a prototype?

1 ) A wireframe is a simplified skeleton that makes up the user flow, or the path taken by a user to achieve functionality goals. Usually a wireframe is the second thing built right after a site map, and is later on molded into a fully interactive digital prototype.

2 ) A Prototype acts as a glimpse into your finished software process, and can be used for AB testing, attracting investors, developing pitches and more. Prototypes are detailed with animations, colors, and hopefully the final content in place. We then use the prototype as a blueprint for software developers when you decide to start building your product.

How much does it cost to build an app prototype?

It costs around $1500 to upwards of $5000 for a digital prototype. The price depends on how complex your app needs to be. More screens, functionality, crazy designs, and revisions will all increase the price. Still, the price for a prototype is well worth it when considering the value it brings to the future of your software product.

Which software can you use to design an app prototype?

When designing an app prototype, there are 2 great options. 1 ) Figma, a free prototyping software that makes it easy to collaborate with clients and team members. 2 ) Adobe XD is a great paid option for designers who already own the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

What is User Experience Design?

UX, or User Experience Design, is a job dedicated to making software more accessible and user-friendly. UX Designers use empathy and best-practices to create an engaging experience that is easy to understand for the target users of an app or other software.

How do you build a digital prototype?

The first step when building a digital prototype is understanding the software in question. Once the main funtionality and user goals are understood, a site-map and a simple wireframe is made to detail the user flow. Finally a detailed prototype is made based on the other steps, in a program like Figma, or Adobe XD. Each screen is connected to each other using buttons, swipes, etc to create a fully interactive blueprint for your software project.

Do I own the rights to my app prototype?

We can't speak for every company, because everyone has different terms and contracts when building prototypes, but with Deep Fork, you fully own your prototype once the agreed upon bill is paid.

What is User Interface Design?

UI, or User Interface Design, is the process of creating the look and feel of an app, website, or other software product. This includes colors, typography, imagery, layout, animations, interactive components and more. User Interface Designers are an important part of the software development process, as without a UI Designer, a majority of developers will deliver a product that doesn't meet proper design standards.

Can I use a prototype for advertising?

Yes! Since building software is a long process, it's important to showcase updates and generate hype around a product launch. This is where a digital prototype comes in handy. Advertise your awesome-looking prototype on social media, or send it around the office to generate excitement and reel-in investors.

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