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how to get funded 101 ... in oklahoma

Most new founders can only see one or two possible ways forward when it comes to funding. Experienced founders can easily identify and evaluate their funding options, but without hindsight it’s difficult to know where to start. We will challenge you to think comprehensively and help you understand the options a serial entrepreneur would be considering.

Should you start lean and bootstrap, or look for venture? Which one is right for you?

Bootstrapping allows you to grow your business on your own capital and revenue while simultaneously using fewer resources. Venture is backed by investor(s) who have provided capital with the intention of gaining a Return on Investment (ROI). Understanding the advantages, disadvantages, and hybrids of these funding strategies will put you ahead of the game.

What if your startup could launch without an investor and you just don’t know how?

What would it take for you to build your MVP (minimum viable product) with only the money borrowed from your family and friends? You may be able to avoid dependency on a team of investors and have the freedom to build on your own. We empower founders to know when and how to do it alone.

How do you find and approach new investors?

We create tailored funding strategies for your startup that can make all the difference when talking to an investor – it pays to be well-prepared. We cover how to make the initial approach, help you think through how much of your idea you are willing to give up, and if you should ask for big money or a smaller investment. You need to know going in which cards are in your hand and which ones you should play.

The world of funding is full of conflicting information and opinions. Let’s bring some reality to the table and see how it fits with your idea.

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